Sunday, July 13, 2014


Yes, I am going on my third vacation for this summer, yes third! This time we are going snorkeling!! I'm really excited because last summer we went to Florida to snorkel but we couldn't because of a few changes of plans. I really love snorkeling and I think we are going to have a ton of fun! I will take pictures but they might not be uploaded until we get back due to the fact that I won't have wifi. I may be able to upload on my phone but that always takes forever! I was going to vlog during the whole week but stupid me forgot to pack my Pink Einstein costume in my bag at my mom's and now I am with my dad.

Here are a few pictures from my Florida Vaca last year!

I thought this building was really cool and had unique shape!
Here are my two dogs sleeping with my blanket!
My cousin (Jewel) who blogs with me on my doll blog and I made a bakery and had tons of fun sweets to eat!

Here are some pictures from the aquarium that we went to. 

At the top you can see the turtle. 

Here is Jewel and I in our matching Perry the Platypus shirts! I had to cover our face and the name of the aquarium.

Love ya!
Pink Einstein❤️

Where are you going for vacation?

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