Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Wishlist!

Hello, it's me.     you can't tell me you didn't just sing that ;)

Sooo I've been gone. I have a life and I'm not some super multi tasker that I make it out to be. ;) So can we pretend like I never left and we are still besties? Ok, good.

Today I am going  to be giving you my Christmas wishlist!

1. Canon Rebel t3i

For Christmas I would love to have a camera of my own because at the moment all I have to take pictures with is my iPhone and my mom's camera. And this camera also takes good quality video which I like because right now I have a video camera but I would like to advance my videography skills.

2. Sadie Robertson Rain Boots

Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty recently came out with a line of rain boots and  they are the cutest things I have ever seen! The price isn't too terribly high compared to other high quality rain boots I have been on the hunt for. Here is the link to check them out!

3. The Outsiders Book and Movie

A long time ago in 8th grade (LOL) I read a book titled The Outsiders (I can't remember the author but it shouldn't be too hard to google) and I loved it! We also had a fun day of dressing up like the characters from the book and watching the movie. The movie was made in like the 80s and it's kinda cheesy but I love it.

I know two of the three items are kinda on the pricey side but this is just a wishlist and I don't expect to get them. These are just things that caught my eye this year and I thought I would share. Comment letting me know the top three things on your list!

Luv Ya! ❤️
Pink Einstein

ALSO!!! I got a YouTube channel (finally!!!) and it is: Pink Einstein   HERE is the link!

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