Sunday, July 31, 2016

Back To School With Pink Einstein: School Shoes Wish List

Back To School Shoes Back To School Shoes

  Back to school is creeping up on us quickly and I actually really enjoy school so this usually isn't a bad thing for me. But for once I am actually dreading back to school like most kids do simply because last year I had some really awful experiences. I started high school last year and I was on crutches the whole year due to the surgeries that I had and I had some awful teachers and all of my friends quit talking to me but I'm not here to talk about drama. I am here to start my back to school series with a wish list of all of the shoes that I want for back to school.
  Back to school shopping is one of my favorite things about starting school simply because I get to freshen up my look with some new clothes. Usually I will get two or maybe three pairs of shoes to start off the year and maybe a couple more throughout the year if I'm lucky. I am going to be showing you my shoe wish list for the year!
  So I am going to start from the top left corner and go across then down. I tried to include the prices so you have an idea of how much those shoes and similar ones cost. You can click the link above the picture to view this on Polyvore to see where to purchase these shoes and to see the prices.
  The first pair of shoes I picked were Jack Rogers Hamilton sandals. This year I am kind of going for a preppier look but since my style is all over the place I don't know if I will successfully stick with that style. These shoes are very popular in the preppy community and I really love them! 
  The next pair are a pair of Birkenstocks which I have wanted since I was like five and all of the cool high school and college kids were wearing them lol. But since I just had surgery they help my feet and the Soft Bed ones are very comfortable. I choose black ones because they would go with a lot of things in my wardrobe.
  This next pair are Jack Rogers sandals as well. My friend just recently bought these and she said they are so comfortable and they go with everything.
  These lace up ballet flats are very in right now and I too love the trend. Once again I chose black because the would work great with my wardrobe. 
  It's always great to have a pair of tennis shoes in your collection for the days you are feeling lazy or for when you want to go for a jog with a friend. I actually don't have these on my wish list because I already own these and I wanted to recommend them to all of you. They are very light weight and even though they are tennis shoes you can wear them with anything.
  It's always great to have a good pair of booties in your wardrobe to wear with a fun dress or to pair with a big sweater and some skinny jeans. 
  Hunter rain boots are very popular with all types of people and I think they are so cute! I have a pair of Roma rain boots but they have a pattern on them so a simple pair of rain boots would be nice to have. These aren't at the top of my list because I have rain boots I would just like to have them.
  These ballet flats are great because they are nude and would go good with a lot of things. The strap things are not necessarily a must because I want lace up flats. I want these because at the moment I only have one pair of flats and they are old so it is time for a new pair. And I couldn't find a price on the shoes so that is why it's not listed.
  I think duck boots would be fun in my shoe collection because they are so different from all the shoes I own and you can get them in fun colors.

I know a lot of these shoes are on the expensive side but you can find knock offs at Target and other places for a lot less expensive.

 Luv Ya! ❤️
Pink Einstein

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