Friday, November 18, 2016


Today I am talking about dogs. Dogs are one of those things that make me wonder why God gave us such amazing creatures to be our best friends but when I think about that I have to stop myself and just thank God for blessing us with such wonderful creatures to have live in our homes with us. Some people like to use these big words to describe the wonderful things that dogs do for us but I'm going to stick to the word happiness. Dogs make me happy. While writing this my dog just made a big stink bomb right beside me and practically stunk me out of my own bedroom but that's okay because compared to all of the joy that he brings me it's no big deal. On my daily devotional, yesterday my quote or devotional of the day was "Most of the blessings in life aren't big ones. They're so small that they're easy to miss..."  and I think my dog is one of those blessings. I am so blessed with so many things that sometimes I miss out on that wonderful creature that is asleep at my feet. It's not like he requires a whole bunch of maintenance all he wants is for me to pet his head and tell him he's a good boy. And the crazy part is even if I don't pet him or tell him he's a good boy everyday he will still love me. I may yell at him for slobbering on my backpack but guess what! He still loves me. I went to the lake near my house last spring and took pictures of some dogs and I never shared them so here you go, enjoy!

Luv Ya! ❤
Pink Einstein

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