Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mall Haul ft. My Friends

My friends and I went to the mall on Tuesday and I asked on Instagram (@PinkEinstein) if anyone wanted to see a haul video and the response was overwhelming! I got more comments asking me to do a haul than I ever have so thank you for the responses! We are in no way trying to brag by showing you what we got, we all used our own money to purchase these items and we are showing them to you for fun (and because a bunch of people wanted to see).  You can click here to read about my outfit that day as well as Sarah's. Also, I do apologize for the awful background noise, the fountains were on in the pool and I didn't realize how loud they were.

Sarah's social media:
Instagram: @SarahEliseBlog

Luv Ya!
Pink Einstein

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