Thursday, March 7, 2019

White Scalloped Sweater

I picked up this sweater a few weeks back while shopping with my grandma and my cousin and I am so happy I purchased it! It is currently on sale for $14.49 and comes in three colors.

 I love this sweater because it can be worn casually with a pair of jeans, it also looks great with skirts, or you can wear it with a fun pair of printed pants like I did today.

 Because it's white, the sweater is see-through so I had to wear a white tank top underneath. And yes, the strap peeking out in this picture is driving me crazy! It ruined half the photos we took today and I'm a little annoyed by it.

 As I was taking these pictures a kid who is in like half of my classes walked into one of the stores we were taking pictures in front of. It was very embarrassing and he's probably going to ask me about it tomorrow...

White scalloped sweater
Kate Spade purse (this color is no longer sold)

Luv ya!
Pink Einstein

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