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Old Navy Black Friday Dressing Room Try On

I am back with another dressing room try on! This is from Black Friday and everyone on Instagram (follow me @PinkEinstein) said they still wanted to see this post, so sorry it's going up so late. So if you're new, when I go shopping I take pictures of everything I try on and talk about what I liked or didn't like about the item. I do not buy everything that is featured but this time I did buy most of it because the whole Old Navy store was 50% off! I will try to link the items in case you want to shop them if they are still in stock. 

Here's what I wore to the store. My sweater is from the girls section at Target, a solid pink shirt underneath, Old Navy jeans, and my black mules from Target (also featured in this post).
Shop this similar sweater
Shop this similar sweater

This sweater was found in the clearance section for just a couple of dollars. I love it because it's sweater material but it's still super casual and it can be styled so many ways.

Shop a dress in this print

I also found this in the clearance section for $7! It isn't something I would normally pick but I really like it. I think it will be perfect for spring and I can even style it with tall brown boots in the early fall. I couldn't find it on the Old Navy website but if you like it for the print I linked a dress in the same print.

Shop this top

Yes, I bought more stripes. I like this shirt because it's short sleeve and I don't own a short sleeve striped shirt and I thought the detailing on the back was really cute! I found it on sale in the clearance section for $5!
Shop this top in navy

So we went shopping on Black Friday and I was only allowed to keep two things that we purchased to wear and the others had to be put back until Christmas and I haven't had Christmas at my dad's house yet so I can't remember if I bought this or not and I'm really hoping I did! I love the peplum hem on this top and the olive green stripes I think this would look really cute under a herringbone vest with a pair of tall brown boots.

Shop this sweater
This sweater is currently on sale. I have wanted a navy sweater for the longest time but I wasn't sure where to find one. I love the classic cable knit look and I think it will be perfect for wearing with a button up underneath.

Shop this sweater

For some reason I was really drawn to this sweater even though it's purple, green, and yellow, my three least favorite colors. I ended up purchasing this one and my favorite way to wear it so far is with olive green jeans, cabin socks, and duck boots.

Sadly I couldn't find this on the Old Navy website but I bet that they still have them in stores. I featured this top in my glasses blog post and I wore the same outfit pictured above, dark jeans and my Target mules. I have a top that I bought when school started from Old Navy and it turned out to be one of my favorite tops and I loved the buffalo check print on the top so I had to get this one.

Yes, more stripes. I don't really have much to say about this one but that I liked the dark colored stripes and I didn't already own this shirt so I had to buy it. 
Shop this dress

I have been eyeing dresses like this from other places like KJP but I just can't bring myself to drop that kind of money on a dress. It isn't exactly what I was looking for but I think it will be cute with tights and boots this winter.

Sadly this dress is sold out. I saw this one and the other one and had to try them both on to see which one I liked better.

Shop a similar dress

I found this one on the clearance rack for $7 and I have a polka dotted version and I love it so I thought I should try a striped one. I have a shirt in this print (which I'm actually wearing as I'm writing this) which I love so why not get a dress in the same print. I think this dress is perfect for school days where you really don't want to wear pants but you want to look cute without putting in effort.

Luv Ya!
Pink Einstein


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