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Prom Dress Shopping Tips

Prom season is quickly approaching us and I am so excited! I love getting dressed up for special events and having fun with my friends! Before we can actually get to that part though, we have to find the perfect dress. Today I am sharing some of my tips based off of my shopping experiences that will help you to get the most out of your shopping trip.

McCray and I actually went to our first prom store of the season on Saturday and man was it an experience, to say the least. So I'm hoping these tips will help to make your trip go smoother than ours did.

1. Wear sandals-- The last time I went dress shopping was for my 8th grade dance and I wore pink and black Nike Elite crew socks and in every picture I'm wearing a gorgeous dress but the socks take away from the look. If you're someone like me who is grossed out by walking bare foot in a dressing room I would recommend wearing sandals. Sandals are easy to slip on and off and if you wear a nice sandal like Jack Rogers then it will give you more of an idea of how you will look on prom night (if that makes since). I always tend to like what I'm trying on better when I can kind of complete the outfit so by trying on a dress with nice sandals I feel dressed up while if I were to wear Chacos, for example, I might not like a dress as much because the shoes aren't dressy.

2. Do your hair and makeup-- Once again, this will help you to envision how you will look on prom night. The last time I went dress shopping I wore my hair in a big ugly bun and it definitely takes away from the look. So this year I wore makeup and did my hair so that I felt good in what I was trying on.

3. Wear nude (or white) colored underwear-- I think this is always a good idea because you don't want your underwear showing through your dress. And bright pink bra straps are going to distract from the look of the dresses that you try on.

4. Wear a bra that has removable straps-- In case you want to try on a strapless dress I would recommend wearing a bra that has removable straps because it will make it easier when doing so.

5. Go to a prom dress store outside of your general area-- If you're like me then you don't like when other people wear the same things you do and like to be original. I would recommend going shopping outside of the area you live in. There are quite a few prom dress stores in Dallas that I know every girl is going to go to when looking for a dress so McCray and I are using those stores as a last resort and we are going to the prom stores that are small and not well known about an hour and a half away.

6. Have an idea of what you're looking for-- The first prom dress store that I went to this year required you to have a stylist help you with everything and since I wasn't expecting that and I just wanted to browse around and try on what I liked. Having someone follow me around the store made the day very stressful. So have an idea of what you like, are looking for, or at least what you don't want before hand. It will also help to go on Pinterest and find pictures of the styles you like.

7. Have fun!-- My friends and I always have fun when dress shopping by trying on the ugly dresses and taking fun pictures! In eighth grade we tried on a multicolored feathered dress, it was so ugly but we had a ton of fun playing around in the dressing room.

8. Go shopping on a day that isn't busy-- Because I went shopping on a Saturday the store was so crowded and there were so many stylists trying to help me at once I was getting super anxious in the store. If you have a day when you are out of school I would recommend going then so that you can take your time and the store won't be so busy.

Those are all of my tips! I hope you enjoyed this prom post and I hope to have more up as we get closer to prom.

Luv ya!
Pink Einstein


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