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Goodbye Junior Year!

Yesterday was my last day of school so here is a little recap of the year.

 Fun shopping before a doctors appointment!
 The picture that Kate Spade featured on their website! 

 Getting inducted into NHS!

 Meeting the JLB girls! 

 My amazing friends in English class!
 Our annual last day of school lunch at Whataburger
Prom dress shopping

Wow, I can not believe junior year is already over. I remember the first day of school like it was yesterday! It's crazy to think that I am about to start my last year as a high schooler. wow. This year was a tough one but it was still a good one.

    I got my license last summer so this is the first year of driving myself back and forth to school. It is still stressful but its nice to be able to do things on my own schedule. I like that I can go grab a snack after school if I want or I can stay after school if I need to without having to wait for someone to pick me up. Although I can drive, I don't venture very far outside my little town, I still hate driving.
    My friend group has grown this year which I am so thankful for. In English class I have a fabulous group of girls that I hang out with and I love them because they are so funny, have an amazing sense of style, and strive to bring each other closer to the Lord. McCray and I committed to volunteering in our church's cafe before Wednesday service every week which has been so fun! We managed to make some really great friends while volunteering which made our two hours of service every week even more exciting!
I attended tons of exciting events this year! I was inducted into National Honor Society at the beginning of the year and McCray and I have been doing tons of community service for it.  I WENT TO PROM! That was quite the experience.... I expected it to be a whole lot different than it was. But McCray and I made a dramatic entrance as we rode into the prom venue in a horse drawn carriage! I supported my friends in all of the school's plays, musicals, and dance recitals and I loved seeing my friends perform in my school's production of Singing In the Rain, it was amazing!
    Not including last summer, I made it through another school year without having surgery which is such a blessing. I still have to attend doctors appointments and I have physical therapy twice a week but I will take that over crutches any day. The bright side to having so many doctors appointments is that I get to spend the day in downtown Dallas so I typically get to do some fun shopping before my appointments.
   Some exciting things happened on the blog this school year. I finally convinced my mom to let me go without the sunglasses in pictures. I got my first major brand deal and paid sponsorship which was very exciting for me because it actually felt like the hard work I put into my blog was starting to pay off when brands started noticing me. Kate Spade featured me on their website three times!! Earlier this week I hit 1,000 followers on my blog's Instagram account (@PinkEinstein) which has been a goal of mine for a while! One of my favorite achievements was becoming a mentor for Jadelynn Brooke. I get to help all of the new reps make the most out of their rep experience and answer any questions they have and I have made so many amazing friendships with the girls I have worked with. I also got to meet the JLB girls in January at the Dallas Market and they are the sweetest people!
   What a year! I am so excited to be a senior and I have a feeling the school year ahead of me is going to be crazier than this one but I can't wait to see what senior year has in store.

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Luv ya and have a fabulous summer!
Pink Einstein


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