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University of Mary Hardin Baylor College Visit

The College Search With Pink Einstein

Today my mom and I took a day trip to Belton, Texas to tour the University of Mary Hardin Baylor during the Sader Day and I had a wonderful time! 
The University of Mary Hardin Baylor is in Belton, Texas. Their colors are purple and gold and their mascot is the Crusader.

What was the coolest thing about campus?
The football stadium was very cool, UMHB is spelled out in gold stadium seats and it was very cool to look at in between sessions during Sader Day.

 My mom tried to snap a few pictures throughout the tour

What drew you to the school?
My great grandma went to school at UMHB almost 100 years ago with the same major I plan to graduate with, Elementary Education! My grandma and my mom told me about the school and were the ones who persuaded me to apply.
Why did you decide to visit?
I didn't know very much about the campus so I thought Sader Day would be the perfect opportunity to get to see what the campus was like. I also liked that I scheduled my tour for a school day so I actually got to sit in on a class (it was so fun!) and see what student life was like on a regular day.
Tell us about the town.
The town is pretty small and we actually didn't spend very much time in the town other than to drive through it because most of our day was spent at UMHB.

 Instead of eating at a restaurant in town we ate in the UMHB dining hall to see what their menu was like.
 We got to tour a couple of different dorm rooms and I was surprised at how big they actually were!
 This is their gym and it actually isn't much bigger than my high school's gym

What did you like about the campus?
That the school is Christ centered, our Sader Day started and ended with prayer and the students talked quite a bit about how they have been able to grow in their faith while on campus. Everyone on campus was so nice and it felt like a one big family! After the class visitation a girl from the class who is also majoring in education walked me back to where I had to be for the tour of campus and told me all about the school and her classes. She was so nice and even gave me her number so I could text her if I had questions. She wasn't a tour guide or anything she just had free time and was nice enough to give me a little bit of info.
What didn't you like about the campus?
It was small so it felt like a bigger version of my high school. My school has over 1000 students and UMHB has almost 4000 and I guess I would prefer a larger college. I think after a while though, I could get used to the smaller size. I also didn't like how far the drive was from my house.

What's something that was unexpected?
Like I mentioned before, I got to sit in on a class and it was all about the New Testament and I was absolutely terrified to go into the class but once I got there is was so interesting and there was nothing to be nervous about. The professor acted as if I was a student and let me join in on the assignment and I learned so much. I wish I could join the class and come back next week, it was a great experience!
How far is it from Dallas?
Mary Hardin is two hours away from Dallas so it is a little bit farther than what I would like. If I'm being completely honest, the drive there is boring too, there isn't much to look or do until you get to Waco.

Overall, I had a great time at UMHB today! I honestly wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did but it may be higher on my list than UNT now. I could definitely see myself here as a crusader next year!

If you would like to read about my UNT experience click here.

Luv ya!
Pink Einstein


  1. Mother(your great meemee) would be so happy! She went there in 1925 and, as you know, I still have her yearbook and handbook and pictures!

  2. I love the way you write and share your niche! school east delhiVery interesting and different! Keep it coming!


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