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Lilly Pulitzer, J Crew, and H&M Dressing Room Try On

So the other day I went to the mall like I actually had money to spend or something and I tried on about half of the H&M store and a few things at some other stores too. Of course I took pictures of everything I tried on because everyone seems to love a good dressing room try on session. I came home with three of the items I tried on but if I could I would have purchased almost all of it.


White Tank
I love the white tank I am wearing in almost every picture. I tried it on at H&M last week and didn't get it but I kept thinking about how much I loved it so I went back and purchased it and it goes so well with so many outfits! It runs small and I did have to size up two sizes in it for a comfortable fit.

I searched the whole website for these shorts and couldn't find them but I love this print. There's a collection at H&M of items printed in this blue and white pattern that reminds me of my grandma's couch and I think it's too cute! I love the paper bag style shorts and the bow belt. These shorts would look so cute with a white shirt (as shown) and a cute pair of sandals.

Black Fitted Shorts
I loved these black high waisted shorts but they did not come home with me. They are on the dressier side for a pair of shorts and I wasn't sure what I would ever wear with them or what occasion I would wear them. The buttons are real on one side so it is easier to put them on.

 Green Pleated Skirt // Green Printed Tank
This is the second time I have tried this outfit on and I'm now regretting (once again) not purchasing this skirt. I think this is such a fun classy look that you could wear to dinner with a cute pair of wedges or with a pair of sandals for a day of shopping. I linked not only the skirt but the tank I am wearing in the same print as the skirt because I think it would look so cute with a pair of white jeans and I just might have to go back and get it.

 Cropped Pull On Pants
These cropped black pants were cute but there was nothing special about them so I didn't bring them home with me. I did however, like that even though I am short (5'4") they were actually cropped on me. I have a hard time with cropped pants because they typically go to my ankles.

 Black Denim Skirt
Skirts have kind of been my thing recently and I love my denim skirt so much I had to try this black denim skirt on. I loved how it looked but it was very short, especially in the back, and very tight so I decided to pass on it.

Denim Shorts
I don't own a pair of denim shorts and I liked these because they weren't tight fitting and they weren't too short in the back but once I tried them on they were looser than I would've liked. H&M has weird sizing which could be part of the reason but I did have to size up in these.

  Floral Flounce Top
I liked this floral top because it was simple, soft, and only $9.99. I liked the flounce sleeve and it fit like a t shirt and was very comfortable but in the end I decided to pass on it because I just didn't love it. This shirt would look cute with denim shorts like I'm wearing here, navy chino shorts, or jeans.

 I'm not mentally ready to start shopping for fall clothes yet but I saw this houndstooth skirt and had to grab it! I can't wait to wear it in the fall with a cream chunky knit sweater. Sadly I can't find it on the H&M website but it's a new arrival so I would definitely check your H&M store if you want one. I also had to size up in this skirt two sizes and it fits perfectly. There are six tortoise shell buttons on the right side of the skirt that all unbutton because it is a little more form fitting so they make it easier to put the skirt on.

Lilly Pulitzer

I've had trouble recently with my sizing at Lilly but all three of these fit wonderfully!

Jesse Ruffle Romper
This print is a favorite of mine right now and I wish I had somewhere to wear this to! I didn't know until I tried it on that it was a romper and I was so excited. This romper is like the one I share below but this one had a darling ruffle hem.

Jesse Romper
This print and the print above are my top two favorite prints for this summer! Once again, I need someone to throw a party so I have a reason to buy this adorable romper. I also love the slit that's on the right side of this romper, I tried to show that there's a slit in the side angle picture but it didn't quite work out.

Jessalynne Wrap Dress
I'm not a huge fan of the print of this dress but I loved the wrap style so I had to try it on and I ended up loving it! There are shorts built in (that's what I'm trying to show in the first picture) which I like. I am someone who gets just as excited about built in shorts as I do when I find out a dress has pockets haha! This dress is a true wrap dress so once you untie the bow on the right side of the dress it is opened but there is a little clasp at the top of the wrap to help secure the dress shut on your chest.

J Crew Factory

I picked this dress up as McCray and I were about to walk out the door. I thought it was cute and very out of the norm for me. I tried it on and it fits perfectly! I have yet to figure out how I'm going to style this cute casual dress so maybe I'll do a post about it in the near future. This dress is a super soft t shirt material and it keeps you so cool especially if you are currently melting in Texas along with me. That side picture is very awkward haha but the ties are attached on the sides rather than the back so you can tie the bow in the front or the back.

Luv ya!
Pink Einstein


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