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My Recent Purchases

Around this time last year I shared a blog post about the items I had recently purchased and everyone seemed to love it. I've done a little bit of random shopping this summer to prepare for college, to expand my work wear wardrobe, and have also found a couple of things while out having fun with my friends. I have been too busy to give each look/item their own post so I thought we would bring back My Recent Purchases for round two so I can share these fun items.

TJ Maxx Finds
Blue and Cream Floral Tank
I found this floral tank at a TJ Maxx when I decided to randomly stop in on my way home from hanging out with my friends. I thought it was so cute and it was so different from any piece I own. I might have to give this tank its own blog post in the future so I can share all the ways I have already styled it. The look shown in the picture was my casual church look. This tank is flowy so it keeps you cool in this awful heat and it's also so comfy.

Talbots Tank
This tank so too cute! I don't own anything like it and I was debating on whether or not I should purchase it in the store but the second I tried it on in the dressing room I knew it had to come home with me. This piece can be worn starting in spring, through out the summer, and even in the early fall with a cute cardigan over the top. My favorite part of this tank has to be the bright gingham accents!

Striped Bee Top
Bees are so trendy right now and I love it, they have always been a favorite of mine! Believe it or not this top is actually a large. I typically wear an extra small but this top fits perfectly. Large was the only size available in this top so I thought I would go ahead and try it on and I was pleasantly surprised when it fit so perfectly. It's super comfortable and I have a feeling it will become a piece I have on repeat all year long.


Ella Block Heel
I picked up these adorable white block heels while I was in the mall right after I got my job earlier this summer. I purchased them in celebration of me ending my job search but also because I was in need of a pair of white heels. Since I have foot problems I can not wear heels other than block heels because they are more sturdy and they keep my foot in a position that won't cause issues. I previously owned one black pair of block heels that I have worn to every event from prom (two years in a row) to school plays to dinner with friends but black isn't exactly the best option for summer. These block heels are on sale right now and they are such a good price (they come in silver, mustard, and navy too) but they are also so comfortable!

Birkenstock Mayari Sandals
You should all know by now how much I love my Birkenstocks. I purchased a pair of the Arizona sandals a few years back when I was first able to wear shoes again after surgery and they were the only shoes that were comfortable on my feet. Because my feet are so indecisive and randomly start hurting, right now the Arizona sandal straps are causing me issues. I wasn't sure what to do because the soles of the my Birks are the most comfortable things in the world and I was about to attend college orientation that would require a lot of walking and I was unable to wear the Arizonas. While shopping for work clothes I saw the Mayari sandals which I had previously seen one of my favorite bloggers Lucy from Daily Dose of Prep wear and I had to try a pair on. They stayed on my feet better because they are a thong style sandal and the straps didn't cause any issues so I purchased them. Although I loved them in the store I was a little hesitant that I wouldn't actually like them once I got home because they were not apart of the soft foot bed collection (like my Arizona sandals) but were the original foot bed instead. I ended up loving them, the foot bed isn't too hard and I actually think I prefer the classic foot bed now. The day after I picked up the shoes I wore them to college orientation without any sort of issue. I also like these sandals because they are on the nicer side of causal shoes as opposed to the Arizona shoes when it comes to looks. I feel like the Arizona sandals dress down an outfit and are more appropriate for lazy day outfits.

Black New Balance 501 Sneakers
I didn't feature this under work wear because very few people would actually be able to wear these to work but I purchased them specifically for work. I'm on my feet all day at work and when I am working a longer shift I have found that I have less foot/back pain when I wear these rather than flats even though tennis shoes aren't the best for me. They are super comfortable and a whole lot cuter than most black tennis shoe-style work shoes. I like that they are cute enough that I will be able to wear these not only to work but in college and daily life as well.

Work Wear
Black Flats
For work I am required to wear black shoes and we all know good and well that I was not planning on wearing any ugly black shoes when I got this job so I went on a hunt for a nice pair of black flats. Like I mentioned above, I have foot problems so I have to be very particular about the shoes I purchase so I tried on about a dozen pairs of black flats. This pair just so happened to be the least expensive and also the most comfortable pair so it was a win win for me! They have a cushioned insole as well as good arch support. These flats are perfect because they look cute but are also comfortable while I am on my feet for four to six hours a day. These black flats also come in white and a fun blush color and they are all on sale right now.

I am not happy with this picture but there was a huge storm rolling in so the wind was blowing like crazy and this is the best picture I could get.
Black Pixie Pants 1 // 2
We all know that Old Navy Pixie Pants and I have a very good relationship dating all the way back to my freshman year of high school. When I found out I had to wear black pants to work each day I knew the perfect place to find them. I have two pairs of black Pixie Pants from Old Navy and love them both. The two I purchased were the chino Pixie Pants and well as the stretch Pixie Pants. They are so nice because they are fitted but not too tight and I can actually look cute while still complying with the work dress code.

Other Fun Purchases
Fuji Film Phone Printer
If you've been following along for a while you may know that my best friend and I love to scrapbook and all of the pictures in our scrapbooks are taken on an Instax Fuji Film Camera. Sometimes we forget to bring our polaroids on our adventures but still want pictures for the scrapbooks so I purchased this printer which prints pictures directly from your phone on to polaroid film. It is going to make it so convenient when both of us want a copy of the same photo for our books because we can just print two.

Lilly Pulitzer Dress
I purchased this Lilly dress while my family and I were on vacation in Florida, so technically my parents bought it. Let me just say Lilly stores are a million times better in Florida! I purchased this dress from the sale section so I couldn't find it on their website but fingers crossed it will be back for the After Party Sale next month because I love it! All of the Lilly dresses I have are shift or Beacon dresses so I was happy to add a different style to my collection. The fit is amazing, it super comfy and fits like a t shirt dress but the fun print makes it look so much more dressy. And look at the pom poms on the sleeves, they are so cute!!

Do Not Disturb Hat
On the same Florida vacation that I mentioned above I picked up this cute sun hat! Sun hats with wording on them were so popular last summer but they were also so expensive. I found this one while we were grocery shopping at Walmart for $20! I wore it to the beach and it did a wonderful job of preventing my face from burning and now I can also wear it to the pool.

Striped Phone Case
I got a new phone the other day, goodbye iPhone SE and hello iPhone 8! I was in need of a protective case because I am a clumsy person but I am also a fashionable person so it also needed to be cute haha. Since the iPhone X has come out, stores are starting to remove phone cases from their shelves that would fit my phone so I had to go to trusty Amazon to find a cute protective case. I found this striped Otterbox and knew I had to have it! It reminds me so much of some of Kate Spade's older designs and color combos which I love. I also liked that it was a slim Otterbox rather than the ugly bulky ones.

So that's everything I've purchased so far this summer! Don't worry, this is a collective haul and I did not buy all of this at once. I was happy that I was able to include links to most of the items this time around so that you can shop them as well. I am so excited to share dorm decor purchases in the upcoming weeks as I prepare to move into college next month!

Luv ya!
Pink Einstein


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