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Fun Things To Do While at Home

I have officially hit that point where I am tired of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and I've probably watched a million hours of Tik Tok by now. I don't want to spend my entire quarantine doing nothing so I've started to get creative with my time. There will be no other time in my life where I will be forced to stay home and relax so I might as well take advantage of it.

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Ways I'm Keeping Myself Busy While at Home:

Painting// I love to paint! I'm not very good at it but I've had so much fun painting cute saying on canvases for my friends, painting an old pair of jeans, and even painting my legs for the day with my little sister! My most recent project though, has been painting pictures of my friends and I and I've had a lot of fun with it.

Reading// Reading is one of my favorite ways to relax but I never make time for it. Now that I have the time I have spent many hours in a lounge chair by the pool or in bed reading.

Reading my Bible// This time has been perfect for me to grow in my relationship with God. I'm following the Little Bible Plan and I read each day. I also love to get creative with my reading and journal what I'm reading with paints and markers. Click here if you want some bible journaling ideas.

Coloring// When I moved out of my dorm I found a coloring book I forgot about in my desk drawer. Since I found it I've been coloring a few nights a week while watching a movie or when I need a break from school work and it's a good way to de-stress.

Repurposing My Clothes// If you watch Tik Tok you have probably seen the DIY videos everyone is posting about tie dying or bleaching their jeans and things like that. At the beginning of the year I went through my closet and got clothes together that I want to get rid of but I never got around to it. I have had fun recycling some of those items into something new that I now actually want to wear. Last week made these cute jeans!

I woke up the other day to homemade crepes that my sister surprised me with!

Trying New Recipes// Now is the perfect time to try out whipped coffee which recently went viral or some fun Pinterest recipes. My little sister is definitely the baker in our family and has made so many delicious things while we've been home like homemade rolls, cookies, and a few different pies.

Those are just a few ways I'm filling my time at home when I'm not doing online school. What have you been doing?



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