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A Weekend With My Sister

 This weekend my little sister came to stay at my apartment with me and we had the best time! I planned out our weekend so we had lots of fun things to do while she was here and she really enjoyed it. My sister, Caroline, has never really been to Dallas so she asked if I could take her to some of my favorite spots. We hung out at my apartment and watched movies with my best friend, McCray on Friday night and spent our day in downtown on Saturday. 

Here we are with the pizzas we made for dinner on Friday night before we put them in the oven. My air fryer has a pizza oven setting and it is the best thing ever! Making homemade pizzas is my new favorite thing. 

The first stop on our Dallas adventure was to Klyde Warren Park. Due to the virus, you have to have an appointment at the DMA and we got there an hour before our scheduled time so we thought it would be fun to walk over to the park and take pictures. 

We spent about two hours at the DMA before deciding we were ready to go to the mall. If you're in Dallas and need to get out of the house, the DMA has free admission so it is the perfect activity if you don't want to spend any money. 

On the way to the mall we passed JD's Chippery in Snider Plaza which is my favorite place to grab a snack while at work so I took Caroline there for a cookie before going to the mall.

Aerie and Bath and Body Works were both having good sales so we each picked up a few items there. 

Now that there's a Shake Shack on Greenville Ave I had the perfect opportunity to take my sister there. I was nervous she wouldn't like it because last time I hyped up a burger place she was very disappointed but she ended up loving Shake Shack!

We went home after dinner, showered and watched a couple of Disney movies before deciding to go on a late night Starbucks run. Caroline texted McCray and told her it was time for a Starbucks run so we picked her up too and we got our drinks and drove around listening to music for about an hour. The perfect way to end our Saturday night!

For breakfast Sunday morning, my sister and I made breakfast sandwiches on bagels and they were so good! Once we finished breakfast we got ready and headed to Target before meeting our family to take her back home.
The last stop of our fun weekend was to  meet our family in Fort Worth for lunch at H3. The weather was amazing and there were tons of people there enjoying the stockyards. 

Next weekend my little brother is coming to stay! I'm interested to see how that goes but hopefully I'll have some more fun pictures to share with you.



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