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Pop! By SNOWDAY- Dallas Photography Experience

As I was scrolling through Tik Tok a few weeks ago, I came across an ad for POP! By Snow Day, a photo taking experience at the Galleria Dallas. I purchased tickets online and asked my cousin Jolene if she wanted to tag along and we had the best day!
For $20, you get an hour to take as many photos and videos as you'd like in the 24+ rooms/ photo backdrops at the Galleria! 

Pro Tip: ask for a Polaroid camera when you first enter the gift shop!

Jolene and I went on a Wednesday at 1:30pm and had no issues with crowds and were able to take our time in each room. I would recommend buying your tickets online ahead of time because it is hard to get in otherwise. 

POP! allows you to bring all of the camera equipment you need to get the perfect shot! I brought my camera, tripod, and Bluetooth clicker so that we could get photos together. This is the perfect place to get great Instagram content as well as film a few Tik Toks!  
I was worried about having to carry all of my stuff around while taking pictures but there are cubbies to put your bags and other belongings in located in the gift shop. 
Before arriving, we were under the impression that there was dressing rooms to allow for outfit changes but there isn't so don't plan on being able to shoot multiple looks during your time slot. 

When you first arrive, you are given a wrist band that is connected to an online photo gallery (that only you can see), throughout the building there are timer cameras set up so that you can capture group shots like these! Every time a picture is taken it is sent directly to your online personal photo gallery for you to download. 

Pop! will be in the Galleria until September but I was told that they will have a new theme/ backdrops to check out after that! You can get your tickets and learn more here


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