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A Day in DFW: Firehouse Gastro Park

 I haven't done a A Day In Dallas post in a long time but I decided it's time to rename it A Day in DFW. I'm in college and my friends and I love to try out new places to eat and shop all across the DFW metro area and I think it would be fun to share the places we find outside of Dallas too. 

Today I am sharing about a restaurant in Grand Prairie called Firehouse Gastro Park. My college bestie, Jeanna, just moved back to Dallas for the start of the new school year and I haven't seen her since spring break so we went to dinner here to catch up! I saw this restaurant on a few of my friends' instagrams and I knew we had to try it out.

This restaurant has been very popular on Instagram lately because it's such a fun place to eat! I would definitely recommend wearing a cute outfit and maybe even bringing your Polaroid if you like to take cute pictures when you're out with friends. When you walk in the door you're in a room of tables where you can eat and order your food. There is also a bar where you can order drinks and the walls are covered in fun decor. There is a second room that has a coffee bar and more casual seating with couches and comfy chairs. This room is just as insta worthy as the first with it's cute floral wallpaper and bookshelves. They also have outdoor seating with picnic tables and they occasionally do shows outside. While we were there they had the cringiest wrestling match I've ever watched going on, it was so fun! There's a couple of cute mural walls and Edison string lights hung up making it the cutest place to take pictures with your besties. 

They have a variety of food options including burgers, Mexican food, chicken sandwiches, and fun appetizers. I got the brisket street tacos and Jeanna got the pork quesadillas and they were both great! We also got a side of fried pickles to share which were also so good!

We didn't go to the coffee bar but we've already planned a day to go back and check it out! 


These pictures were taken at one of the mural walls outside the restaurant! 

Let's talk outfit details! My top is from American Eagle, I can't find it on their website but I bought it in store about two weeks ago so I would check your local store. I shared it in my Collective Clothing Haul and have since discovered that the straps are removable so you can wear it as a tube top. These shorts are the H&M shorts I also featured in my clothing haul last week and my flatforms are from Walmart. 


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