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A Weekend With My Sister Vol. 2

On Friday I realized I had no plans for the weekend so I made a last minute phone call to my little sister Caroline to see if she wanted to come and stay with me. She is DYING to get out of the small town that my family moved to in October. It's right outside DFW and the town is so small there isn't even a Walmart! I planned a few things for us to do that I knew she couldn't do once she was back home. Caroline ended up coming over for just one night but we jam packed those 48 hours with so many fun things and had the best time!

We started our little weekend party with some shopping before going back to my apartment. I was so thankful to see that the sun had come out Sunday afternoon. It has been raining in Dallas for what feels like a whole month and a half and I am dying for nice weather! We took advantage of the few hours of sunshine and grabbed pizzas and headed to the park for a picnic dinner. 

cherry soda is just more fun in the bottle :)

I've been into bracelet making recently so we brought all of my bracelet making supplies with us and made a few on our picnic.

of course, the Polaroid camera had to come with us! we snapped some really cute pictures on it

After our picnic, we drove around with the windows down and watched the sunset. Once it got late we went back to my apartment and binge watched a bunch of movies!

The Biscuit Bar was our first stop on Monday morning and wow, it was busy! We first attempted to go to the Deep Ellum location and the line was out the door and around the building, not to mention it was also pouring rain so we thought it would be better to try the Arlington location. The Arlington location was a lot less crowded and we didn't have to wait in the rain! I was worried though, when we got there because there wasn't a single table available but right after we paid at the counter the perfect two person table was available! 
This was both of our first experience at The Biscuit Bar and it was a little bit different from what we were expecting. I thought it was going to be more of a sit down restaurant style place rather than a pay at the counter, food comes in a paper boat place but our experience was still good! I love the aesthetic of the restaurant, everything is yellow and gray and it give me a Chip and Jo vibe. 
I got the Chicken and Not a Waffle biscuit and Caroline got the Grilled Chicken Biscuit. We also shared a side of breakfast style tater tots which were great! We will definitely be back in the future, just maybe not on the weekend when it's packed!

they had the cutest neon signs hanging around the restaurant, this one says "hit me with your best tot." so cute!!

It rained most of the day so we headed back to my apartment after brunch. We ended up putting on comfy clothes and watching more movies. 

There's a Crumbl Cookie location that just opened up near my apartment that we passed on the way to take my sister back home. We had never been so we stopped in and grabbed a box of four to take home for later. 
Their flavors change each week and this week they had peanut butter brownie, strawberry shortcake, oatmeal chocolate chip, coconut chocolate, and fruit pizza. We got two peanut butter brownie, an oatmeal chocolate chip, and a strawberry shortcake and they were delicious! 

As always, my sister and I had the best time together this weekend! When we got home, the first thing my little brother said was "so when do I get a weekend getaway at your apartment?!" So there may be a post with him in a few weeks! 


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